SCA Explorations

Camp Stool

Quite some time ago I realised I needed a ‘period enough’ camp stool and figured I could give making one a go. In March 2016 I found some spare time and spent a couple of days doing so. I didn’t do much research - I just wanted something that’d take up less room than a big fold-up item and not look out of place sitting on the village green. I thought I’d taken a lot more photos than this, but evidently I hadn’t.

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First go at tablet weaving

A few years ago I attended a class at Politarchopolis University where someone talked about tablet weaving. I came home quite excited about the whole thing and made myself a frame to weave on, and RMB bought some cards. A week later, the dog chewed a few of them, and I got distracted by other things, so tablet weaving went on the “I’ll do that one day” shelf. I’ve been quite sick these past weeks and was at home today so I thought I’d give it a go.

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A bottom for Octobag

Octobag needed a bottom. I was going to go with an eight-way patchwork to match my heraldry, but for once I accepted my limited skill and went with a four-way split. Four triangles were cut out of the waste material from the strips. Somehow the red “strip” piece allowed me to cut a square, then cut it in half across the diagonal to get the required patches, but the black piece required a little more effort:

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