SCA Explorations

Camp wardrobe part 3

Another day, some more work done on the camp wardrobe. Last night I’d finished the holes in the top of the legs for the bar; today’s job was to make all three poles fit into the holes regardless of orientation. I decided it was easier to make them universal just to save thinking on set-up days - for something I will only use a few times a year, I don’t want to have to work out how it goes together when there’s so much else to do.

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Camp wardrobe part 2

Another day, some more work done on the camp wardrobe. It was previously known as the tent cupboard, but I realised my nomeclature was wrong. :) I procured the additional timber yesterday but other work got in the way; today I had some spare time so took to cutting the second pair of legs to size and shaping the end. Last time I was drilling the holes I didn’t pre-drill them, this time I used a 7mm bit to drill a hole so the bit didn’t try to drive itself through the wood.

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Tent cupboard part 1

After Festival 2016 I realised that I need a way to hang up the hanging wardrobe organisers I bought for my tent. You know the ones, they’re made of fabric, hang like silly boxes and are normally designed for shoes. Cruising Facebook as I do, someone posted a link to this product: Only $149AUD, down from $449. So cheap! Oh, and a load of shipping. Nope! surely I can make this cheaper.

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