SCA Explorations

Haste makes waste

In my haste last night I had missed a step, not going down through the tension spring before I go up to the “take up lever” - the upper moving arm thingie. Once I got that going, all is well. I’m fairly sure the reason I broke the needle last night was my when pulling the mess of fabric/thread out, I pulled sideways, not backwards. The upholstery thread I’m using is quite thick and doesn’t pull easily through.

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Scissors and such

After last night’s problem with the sewing machine I headed down to the local Spotlight store for some new needles. While cutting the three pieces of fabric out I realised I didn’t have any proper fabric scissors, even though somehow I’d procured two sets of Mundial thread snippers at some point (gosh they’re lovely!) As it happens, Spotlight was having a sale! 40% off scissors! The Mundial branded ones looked lovely and I was going to purchase them, but some Fiskar forged stainless ones caught my eye.

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First night in the sewing room

My self-inflating mattress came with a bag designed to keep it dry, but it died. Since I don’t really need a waterproof bag for something I only take SCA camping, I thought I’d make something myself out of fabric. The old bag was a tube with compression straps and a roll-top closure. It’d be altogether too easy for me to just make a simple bag, so I’m going to try and make something overly complex.

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