A bottom for Octobag

Octobag needed a bottom. I was going to go with an eight-way patchwork to match my heraldry, but for once I accepted my limited skill and went with a four-way split. Four triangles were cut out of the waste material from the strips. Somehow the red “strip” piece allowed me to cut a square, then cut it in half across the diagonal to get the required patches, but the black piece required a little more effort:

Four terribly-uneven triangles, but they’ll do!

Cutting done

I got a little excited sewing it together and didn’t take pictures, but suffice to say I sewed a red and black piece together along one edge, did the same for the second pair, then lined it all up and sewed them together. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m surprised it turned out so well - it actually looks quite close to perfectly lined up! 😀

Sewing the bottom into the bag took a little messing around. I learnt the limitations of my sewing machine, and that this kind of task requires a LOT of checking as you go. I’d probably tack stitch it together by hand in future, because the angles and so forth don’t really allow for pins. There was a bit of overlap in the corners, this is to be expected due to seams and such. I trimmed this off 😀

Corners are ... painful

I sewed a double seam on the edge to give it a bit of strength - if anything’s going to fail on this bag it’ll be when you shove something into it. I haven’t bothered to overlock the edges of anything on this bag. At most I’ve been using it once a year, the edges aren’t exposed and I would have had to borrow the machine. And if for some reason it actually frays enough to be an issue, I’ll make another bag!

All done! I had to unpick and re-do one of the sections, but it’s hard to see it now - just a function of me not lining things up perfectly while having the bag inside out and rolling around.

The bottom's done!

Here’s what it looks like so far, with the mattress in it:

My plan was to put eyelets in the top to make it a drawstring bag, but the eyelets I bought aren’t great and have pointy bits which might damage the mattress. I’m going to go with just a folded edge, but I’ll have to unpick it as I’ve sewn the hem down ever so slightly too close in some parts for it to all go through.

You live you learn, I guess! 😃