Camp wardrobe part 2

Another day, some more work done on the camp wardrobe. It was previously known as the tent cupboard, but I realised my nomeclature was wrong. :)

I procured the additional timber yesterday but other work got in the way; today I had some spare time so took to cutting the second pair of legs to size and shaping the end.

Last time I was drilling the holes I didn’t pre-drill them, this time I used a 7mm bit to drill a hole so the bit didn’t try to drive itself through the wood. This allowed me to go much slower, cutting 23 of the way through one side, then starting again on the other so as to avoid tear-out.

I bought myself a Ryobi shop vacuum to save spending half my life sweeping, and holding that near the work piece while drilling seems to have made it a little easier as well, taking the waste away and making the cutting process cleaner.


I also made myself a clamp, as the bottom of my drill press’ stage isn’t flat, and clamping things to it is a right pain in the butt. It seems to work OK, but the bolts are a little short to hold a 19mm work piece.

Tomorrow’s job is to fit the top bar into the holes I’ve drilled and confirm my plan for how to secure the piece together. My initial thought is a small hole through the bar either side of the legs, and use some thin rope to tie them in place. I only need to make sure they don’t slip off the bar, so there’s no particular strength or security required.

Once that’s done, I’ll work out the best placement for the bottom bars, drill and fit them, and make the sling. After that it’s just finishing - round the ends of the legs and probably stain them a pleasing colour. :) I haven’t decided if I’ll chamfer the edges - it’ll probably make them a little less likely to show dings which isn’t a terrible plan - but it also means I have to get my router working nicely and devise some sort of work platform for it.

Anywho, that’s future-James’ problem. :)