Scissors and such

After last night’s problem with the sewing machine I headed down to the local Spotlight store for some new needles.

While cutting the three pieces of fabric out I realised I didn’t have any proper fabric scissors, even though somehow I’d procured two sets of Mundial thread snippers at some point (gosh they’re lovely!)

As it happens, Spotlight was having a sale! 40% off scissors! The Mundial branded ones looked lovely and I was going to purchase them, but some Fiskar forged stainless ones caught my eye. The heft and such was nice, but the size of the finger holes sold it for me, with my giant hands. :)

Fiskar Forged 8" Scissors

Oh, and I also bought a tape measure, some “standard” needles and some brass eyelets (with the handy tool) to make the top of the bag look a bit more snazzy. :P