Tent cupboard part 1

After Festival 2016 I realised that I need a way to hang up the hanging wardrobe organisers I bought for my tent. You know the ones, they’re made of fabric, hang like silly boxes and are normally designed for shoes. Cruising Facebook as I do, someone posted a link to this product:

Brosa Peggy Rack

Only $149AUD, down from $449. So cheap! Oh, and a load of shipping. Nope! surely I can make this cheaper.

I’m going to modify the design a little, with a fabric sling across the bottom to keep things off the ground, and probably some other flourishes while I’m there. :)

The Plan

The entire plan

Materials / Cost

Total cost: $60.42

Well, that’s definitely cheaper. I actually bought 2.4m wood because bigger’s better, it fits in the car, and for $2.30 extra some 2’ long bits of nice pine never go astray when you’re likely to build RMB a stool in a month or so.. The price listed is if I bought the smaller stuff.

I could probably get away with thinner dowels on the bottom as it’s not going to be carrying as much weight, but this way I don’t have to think about it during assembly. That, and if I stumble into it in the middle of the night, it should stand to survive me. :)

On to the cutting!

Marking the wood

I cut the pieces slightly shorter than 6’ long - 5’11 12” - so they’ll fit into a 6x4 trailer - the smallest place they’ll get transported. It’s tall enough for my needs, though a bit shorter than I’d like. the dowel going through the pieces is 25mm in diameter, so I drilled the hole 40mm from the end to give it some space.

The drill bit I’m using is an Irwin “Speed-Bor” - not exactly designed for precision cutting, but as usual I’m on a budget and am no master carpenter - a small amount of tearout and having to be careful’s keeping me well within my limits of skill. :) I did have another problem slowing me down - the size of the drill bit was too much for my terrible little shop bench drill, and the bit kept getting stuck.

Slow going and having to back it out more than a few times, but I got through it in the end. Cheap tools and poor skill notwithstanding - the drill bit cuts ever so slightly undersize - making it a tight fit when trying to assemble. I’m guessing this is because it’s designed to hack through wood with speed, and might have a habit of tearing bigger holes in most projects.

A small amount of sanding around the edges of the holes to clean them up, and in the holes themselves should open it up just enough to get the dowel through without making it loose. I don’t want to have to hammer it through, and I expect to finish the wood with varnish or oil, so I’m going to need to make some space.

So far so good, I think that’s enough work for me tonight, that and I need to get the other two “legs” from the shop. I hadn’t quite thought it out last night when buying the wood. :)